Wesleyan Cardinal Needs More Memes

“Living the American Dream… ironically.”

Wesleyan lives on the internet—unofficially, at least—in all sorts of sordid places. There is Urban Dictionary, where we are known for our “women with mustaches” and “sunshine bathed, rainbow draped, ‘hurt me not my tree’ philosophy.” There is The Onion, where we are celebrated for our lavish dinner parties and anti-straw activism. There is CollegeConfidential, where “johnwesley” rules the land and prefrosh wonder if the girls shave. There is Wesleyan’s Subreddit, where Lord Michael S. Roth VIII, Esq. M.D. P.h.D., W.E.S., offers the occasional AMA. (Sample quote: “The dark ages was probably one of the most boring periods in my great existence.”)

Then there is the Wesleyan Cardinal Meme Generation, created last semester by an anonymous ACB user. There are eight pages of memes, all drawing on the same iconic Cardinal smile, dating back to January. They involve classes, Eclectic, Das Racist, streaking, Weshop, Foss, and Hammie the Hamster—everything that is anything at this prestigious institution of learning. But according to its creator, the stock is running low. I never thought I’d use the phrase “needs more memes” on the Internet, but there it is. Thankfully, Meme Generator is open to submissions.

To submit, simply hit ‘caption Wes Cardinal.’ For similar fare, consider checking out the “Are You Wesleyan” para-admissions campaign (an oldie but goodie) or the Rothtastic tumblr. More Wes Cardinal highlights below:

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