Student Forum: Reading Walden — Spots Available

In fall of my freshman year, I took an FYI with Professor Henry Abelove simply called “Thoreau.” The syllabus of the class consisted of Thoreau’s famous book Walden and nothing else. The class was not only one of the best ones I’ve taken at Wesleyan, but also one of the most eye-opening. I was inspired enough that I’ve gone to Walden twice with classmates since taking the class and almost always have the book on hand to reread.

Though Henry Abelove’s semester with my class was his last teaching at Wesleyan, I’m excited to announce that two of my classmates, Leonid Liu ’14 and Oren Finard ’14, are teaching a student forum modeled after Abelove’s legendary class—with Abelove’s approval, of course. If I weren’t abroad, I’d definitely be taking this, and if you’re at Wes, you should add it to your list. It sounds cheesy, but I probably learned more about myself from reading Walden than I have at any other moment in my life. Description after the jump: 

Why did Thoreau place himself so near Concord, build a cabin there, grow beans, and live for two years at Walden Pond? What was his real relationship with solitude and company and with nature and the environment? To whom did he address, and more importantly, what was he trying to communicate to them?

Join us for a 1-credit twice-a-week student forum as we work our way through a deliberate, intense, in-depth close reading of Thoreau’s Walden. In the class, we hope for our classmates and for ourselves to gain a more intimate understanding of the content of Thoreau’s philosophy as communicated through his most important work.

If you have any interest in joining our 1-credit student forum, join us for an informational/interest meeting this Saturday 1:00 PM at Hewitt Circle. (If raining, we’ll be at Downey House Lounge). We’ll decide when the class should meet at this meeting. Questions should be directed to lliu[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or ofinard[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

Seriously, take it. You won’t regret the decision.

  • Info Session Date:  Saturday, September 8
  • Info Session Time:  1:00 PM
  • Info Session Place:  Hewitt Circle (if raining, Downey House Lounge)
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