The Mash: A Music & Public Life Initiative

Not that dumb game you played in middle school.

“You know what I wish?” says person number one. “What?” says person number two. “I wish that several of the talented musicians that attend/have attended Wesleyan will select a day in which they scatter themselves about the campus and play their music loud and for all to hear,” says person number one. “Wouldn’t that be nice?” But person number two does not respond because they left the conversation. Sad story, but true. Fortunately, if you are person number two, your wishes are being granted—by Chelsie Green ’14, Michael Roth ’78, frequently returning alumni Bear Hands, and a whole committee of students and faculty:

The Mash, inspired by Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, will highlight the student music scene at Wesleyan and kick off the year-long campus and community-wide Music & Public Life initiative.

The event will open with President Roth and other faculty members performing at noon on Friday, September 7 in the Usdan Courtyard. From 2-5 pm, three stages, located at the WestCo Courtyard, Usdan Courtyard and Olin Library Lawn, will feature some of Wesleyan’s student musicians, as well as newly formed groups (30 minutes of every hour will be left unbooked, so come ready to play with whatever instrument you need to make music—drums, amplifiers, and microphones will be provided). From 5-8 pm, THE MASH will continue on Andrus Field with a performance by campus band Treasure Island. This stage will be headlined by BearHands, an alumni band. Meanwhile, an all-campus outdoor barbecue dinner will be happening on Andrus Field/Foss. As a part of the event, small instruments will be handed out to encourage everyone to make music.

Student bands and artists playing, in addition to Treasure Island, will be Featherwood Bee, Bones Complex, The Taste, Faith Harding ’14, Freestyle Collective, Northpaw, Blooming Youth, Mel Hsu ’13, and more! Schedule with each act’s set times will be made available on the day of and here.

When: Friday, September 7
Time: 12 – 8 pm
Where: Everywhere. (Follow the sound of the music…)
Cost: Incorrect.

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