Study: The Mash Exactly Like Spring Fling, Except Not

No, we didn’t film President Roth’s dance moves, but this link is always good.

The Mash, a first-time-ever Music & Public Life initiative, totally happened, and it was totally like a cross between Fête de la Musique and Spring Fling, what with the whole people-chilling-on-the-hill-in-beautiful-weather thing going on. There were bands all over the freaking place—Mattabassett (more like Mattabadass, amiright?) String Collective jamming out with President Roth outside Usdan, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee at WestCo, Bones Complex and The Taste outside Olin, and a bunch more that I’m not bothering to name. For images of the Mattabassett/Roth collab, check out the University’s photo album. Here’s Roth, and here’s his fan club:

The real climax, however, was a good-timey performance by Wes’ own Bear Hands (featuring alums Dylan Rau ’07 and Ted Feldman ’09) on Andrus Field, to the well-fed satisfaction of frolicking WesKids on Foss. (Judging by all the peeps I didn’t recognize, go class of 2016!) Much like their surprise Senior Week performance last May, Bear Hands offered a strong set of psych-poppy Burning Bush Supper Club highlights and equally stirring new material, peppering their performance with sly “We went here!” barbs (“Hey, it’s Roth! Dude,  liked your op-ed in the Times the other day”). Here’s video footage of a new track, whose name I don’t know:

If you browse through the photos below, you’ll likely spot a bunch of shots of Wesleying’s own A-Batte. The occasional WSA candidate himself managed to start a movement of bumping, grinding, hopping, and bopping on the field near the band, attracting a fellow five, then ten, then twenty, then 30 or 40 followers. Among the joiner-inners was Michael Roth ’78, whose moves probably warrant a separate Wesleying post entirely. Suffice it to say that if you didn’t see A-Batte moshing with the president—mere hours after penning a Wespeak lambasting him—while wearing a Bank of America tank with a peep hole cut out for his left nipple, your Friday was worse than mine.

Photos of Olin and WestCo performances by Samira, photos of Andrus and Foss by me.

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For coverage of previous Bear Hands performance, click here or here.

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