Literary Radio Show Seeks Student Submissions

Adam Isaacson ’13 (happy birthday, Adam!!!!!!11) and Ashlin Aronin ’13 are beginning a “fictive-variety/omnivorously-experimental radio show” in a couple of Sundays, and they’re hungry for submissions and participants:

Do you like infinitely jesting? Is it a perfect day for banana fish? Shall I compare thee to a Summerfields?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll love The Secret Files of Buford Parks, a new Radio-Play-Variety-Show-Me on WESU Middletown. Centered on the exhilarating exploits of sleuth Buford Parks, the show also – and more importantly – features student-composed-and-performed literature and music of all formats. Do you dig what we’re putting down? If you produce it, we’ll conduce it.

We are currently seeking voice actors, as well as submissions of radio drama, micro-fiction, poetry, speculative philology, fusion-lounge, astro-lounge, tragicomedy, melomystery, yodeling, growling, poop-jazz, whispering, whimpering. Contact aisaacson@wes or aaronin@wes with submissions, ideas, kind words, kinds of words, parts of speech, parts of speeches. Don’t delay! The show begins September 23, and runs every other Sunday. Kind of.

Deadline: Soon.
Contact: aisaacson@wes, aaronin@wes

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