Photo Evidence: Laura Stevenson & the Cans, Molly Nilsson, Gary War

“I’m going to sing one more song about love, and then that’s it for the subject.”

Between Bear Hands on Friday afternoon, Laura Stevenson & the Cans/Molly Nilsson on Friday, and Gary War on Saturday, the first concert offerings of the new semester came, saw, and conquered.

First up: Long Island’s Laura Stevenson, back at Wes for the first time since spring of 2011, the same semester her ska punk collective, Bomb the Music Industry!, performed without her. (That was a crazy freaking show.) This time, she brought with her an accordionist (okay, maybe he was here last time too, I don’t remember) and performed her buoyant, funk-tinged power-pop to a packed Eclectic dining room crowd—especially frosh-filled. Success! Though less effortlessly dynamic than Stevenson, Molly Nilsson, an icy one-woman-show from Sweden, charmed and confused with her synth-driven cabaret pop, promising a Q&A after her songs, then sneakily waltzing off the stage.

On Saturday, Massachusetts avant-pop manipulator Gary War literally braved a tornado to bring his “mutant strain of damaged yet accessible experimental rock music” all the way to Eclectic Haus. Though plagued by poor turnout and poorer sound equipment troubles, the solo artist’s fuzzy acid-pop prevailed for the twenty or so kids who loyally appeared. War’s latest, Jared’s Lot, is available here.

More photos below. Most of the Gar War images are courtesy of Eric Lopez ’15. The rest are by me.

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