A Friendly Reminder Not to Photograph Your Hallmates in the Shower

Memo: just because we have a sexuality magazine on campus doesn’t mean your hallmates want to be covertly photographed while taking a shower. A Wesleyan sophomore learned this unfortunate lesson today and was promptly arrested, according to a Public Safety alert fresh from your inbox:

At approximately 8:30 this morning, Public Safety and Middletown Police responded to a complaint from a student that another student had covertly taken pictures of her while she was in the shower. The alleged incident took place at a student residence on High Street. As a result of the investigation, the accused student was arrested by Middletown Police and has been removed from campus pending a judicial hearing.

Both Middletown Police and Public Safety consider this an isolated incident. The University is not releasing further details in order to maintain the privacy of the individuals involved. A report will appear on the Campus Climate Log later this week.

According to a report by WTNH, the victim, aware that there was a male student in the adjacent shower, “heard the other shower shut off and at least twice, saw a hand with a camera phone reach under her stall and possibly take pictures of her.” The male student later wrote a sworn confession and admitted to taking four separate photos under the stall divider. He also heard the victim say, “Excuse me! What are you doing?”

He was arrested for voyeurism and disorderly conduct and is being held on a $10,000 bond, with a court date tomorrow.


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