Casting Call: “An Eye for an Eye”

From Sarah-Jane Ripa:

Shot in the face and left for dead because of how you might pray. Abandoned by hope, love, and the system. Your attacker convicted and put on Death Row. What would you do?

“An Eye for an Eye” is the story of what one man, placed in these extraordinary circumstances did do: he forgave his attacker, and began a journey that will end when there is a World Without Hate. If you would like to participate in an open reading of the play “An Eye for an Eye” please visit here for audition information. The reading will take place as part of Homecoming/Family weekend at 7 PM on October 19. Auditions will be held Thursday, September 13. Email sripa(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions.  

Date: Thursday, Sept 13
Time: 5-10 pm
Place: Usdan Room 136

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