Small Forest Temple, Big Forest Lessons

Aleksey Huntsin ’13 is taking a break from not submitting Wesleying posts to submit a Wesleying post or two:

This year’s lessons in Meditation, Taichi, and Kung Fu, taught by the Wesleyan Small Forest Temple, are beginning this Thursday!

The practice sessions meet on Thursdays: Meditation at 5:00pm in the Memorial Chapel meditation room, Taichi at 6:30 in the Freeman Athletic Center Multipurpose Room, and Kung Fu at 7:30 in the Freeman Athletic Center Wrestling Room.

Although there is a course fee of $60 payable by cash or check, the temple expresses that money should not be an obstacle in training and they are willing to work with students should the need arise.

Email ahunt@wes for more info or to be added to the listserv.

  • Where: depends on the class – Memorial Chapel meditation room, the Freeman Athletic Center Multipurpose Room & Wrestling Room (look above)
  • When: Thursdays – time depends on the class as well (look above)
  • Cost: $60 / otherwise decided upon fee

Click through for a little background on the Temple Master and his qualifications.

Ji Myong is the Temple Master of the Small Forest Temple. Ji Myong is
the name given by Grand Master Seung Sahn in the traditional manner to
his disciple (original name Anthony Scionti) who began as a student of
martial-arts since 1970 under the authority of Master Infererra and
Grand Master Shimabuku, and whose black belt standing is recognized by
the All-Japan Empty-Handed Way Association and registered with the
Tokyo Police, as required by Japanese law, and then (1975) by Grand
Master Seung Sahn, transmitting the Original Way of Shaolin, Anthony
holds an M.S. in counseling, is a certified school psychologist,
therapist and private counselor. He has led numerous workshops and
conferences in both private and public sectors in psychology,
self-guidance, spiritual growth, meditation and self-healing

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