You Need To Know About ZviDance

Know about it yet? No? Why the hell not? Fine. Take it away, Anya Backlund ’11:

Srsly. You need to know about ZviDance.

Specifically, know these things:

1.     ZviDance’s Zoom is the first performance in the CFA’s 2012-2013 Performing Arts Series – read on for more info about the show!

2.     [No longer applicable because I posted this late as fuck. Angry comments below! -Ed.]

3.     There’s a free masterclass with the dancers this Saturday at 11am in Bessie Schonberg Dance Studios on Pine Street. Register at the box office plz (again, deets below).

4.     Zoom is a dance about social media. Not kidding. You’re even supposed to use your smartphone during the performance (?!) to take pictures and text them (and your written thoughts) to a dancer on stage who then incorporates all that into real-time video collages that are then projected into the theater. THEN the dancers interact with the photos, texts, etc. In other words, your work becomes a part of their work.

5.     This guy is in it.

6.     Zvi Gotheiner – the founder and artistic director of ZviDance – is coming to Wesleyan with the company and he’ll give a pre-performance talk before Friday’s performance (7:30pm, CFA Hall, tickets to Friday’s performance required). Zvi was born and raised in Mesilot, a kibbutz in northern Israel rooted in communal living. Born to Polish parents who emigrated to Israel during the rise of national socialism across Europe, Mr. Gotheiner’s work contains a distinct blend of influences ranging from European Expressionism to New York City-based postmodern dance, intertwining concept- and movement-based performance into his signature movement vocabulary. Come ask him about all this & more at the pre-performance talk on Friday!

7.     Tickets to the Friday & Saturday performances are only $6 for Wes students! You can get ’em at the box office.

The show goes on at 8 this Friday and Saturday, but if you’re interested in more anticipatory goodies you’ll want to click on through for more info from Automatanya.


FREE masterclass w/ ZviDance dancers

  • Time: Saturday, September 15 @ 11:00am
  • Playplace: Bessie Schonberg Dance Studios on Pine Street

Learn some sweet moves from the ZviDance dancers for free!

*registration required – register in person @ the box office, call x3355 or email

Come see Zoom!

  • Dates: Friday & Saturday (14th & 15th)
  • Time: 8pm at the CFA Theater
    • BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: pre-performance talk by Zvi Gotheiner: Friday, 7:30pm in CFA Hall

Check out this description from the company itself & just try to pretend your interest isn’t piqued:

Zoom reflects on the way technology proliferates all elements of human life, how handheld devices have become a driving force for interactivity, and simultaneously, how these devices can create a sense of alienation. Zoom explores how distinguishing between reality and fantasy becomes increasingly difficult in a world saturated with representations. Reflecting on the process of memory, Zoom projects photographs and videos from the recent past into the present in a performance environment, whereby the audience finds itself in a radically different relationship to the art-making on the other side of the foot-lights.”

More info:!

Event info: here!

Videos: here!

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