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This just in from my favorite anonymous people:

Want to talk? 8-to-8 listens.

Founded in 1977, 8-to-8 is a student-run, confidential and anonymous listening service. Either by phone, or in an online chat, we provide the Wesleyan community with non-directive listening and useful information to help you sort through. By ‘non-directive’, we mean that rather than give direct advice, our approach is to guide callers during the conversation through a series of questions that can help sort through and gain clarity about issues and feelings. Our mission is simply to provide a safe space to talk—whether you need help with a specific problem or just feel like you need someone to listen. We’re also happy to provide all kinds of links, phone numbers, email addresses, references and any other kind of information that could help you further.

8-to-8 listeners are available to take calls at 860-685-7789 (campus ext. 7789) from 7pm until 7am, every day of the week.

If you’re interested in applying to be a trained member of the 8-to-8 listening service, look out for us at the Student Groups Fair this friday for more information.

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