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Today, while scouring the mighty Twitterverse for inane comments about Indiana, Illinois, or Ohio Wesleyans to pointlessly retweet, I came across WeirdWes, or @WesThings, a new account offering wry observations on everything that is strange, mundane, and both on campus. It seems to be lightly mocking the University account, which uses the #Wesleyan hashtag on the daily for updates like “Got milk? All-natural dairy products, farmed and distributed by two #Wesleyan alumni, are MOOving in.” So far, it’s off to a fine start, with 11 followers and less than half that many tweets:

As the Twitter bio explains, “The norm is a little skewed, and everyone is cool with it.” With the departure of LikeALittle, we’re cool with it, too. Add it to your “Keep Wes Weird” list on Twitter, right alongside @weshipster, @WesleyanProblems, @The_Real_MRoth, @GiantJoint420, and—most crucially—@WesPesto. It’s worth the eleven seconds you spent skimming this post.

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