Yoga, Tea, & Meditation on Long Lane Farm

Sewon Kang ’14 has something to say!

If you’ve never been to Wesleyan’s own student-run organic farm before, this Saturday is the perfect time to check it out! The weather is going to be amazing and the company is going to be even better. Outhouse, Farm House, Well-Being House, and halls from Westco and Hewitt will all be there! Meet at Weshop at 12:40pm to walk over to the farm together. Before we get down and dirty and do some work on the farm, we’re going to have (you guessed it) yoga, meditation, and delicious Long Lane tea. Come for a relaxing and fun time. Remember to bring your travel mug for tea drank!

When: Sat, Sept 15, 2012
When when?: 1:00 – 2:30pm
Where: Long Lane Farm (past Freeman, around the bend, and it’ll be on the right side of the road.)
Wear?: Comfy clothes that can get dirty

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