WSA Student Activities Fair Liveblog/Write for Wesleying

The WSA student activities fair is starting at 2 pm. Sign up for activities under big white tent. This will be frivolously liveblogged…

If you want to write for Wesleying, find our table (we’ll probably have a shoddily designed sign, because we forgot what pen and paper is) and help us blogbahlrbrahghlr. If you can’t make the fair (it ends at 5 pm, probably), but still want to be involved, contact staff[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. There will be a recruitment meeting this weekend, details TBA.

Click past the jump for detailed coverage of charmingly overzealous freshmen.

4:33 pm Samira wrote:

We’ve never gotten this much sunlight before and it’s kind of overwhelming so we’re going back inside now. Write for Wesleying! Grab some free soda from our corporate sponsors at table 89.

4:30 pm Samira wrote:

Zach: You should liveblog that I totally just met Robert Don ’15 in real life and he was like “You’re Zach???” and I was like “You’re Robert Don? I totally still listen to your album (Since 1902) that I blogged about last year” and then we totally high-fived and he mispronounced Menomena. I blogged about his EP over the summer. We’re making so many connections.

4:23 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

My relief is here at long last, so I’m signing off. Hope you enjoyed the fair and hated my commentary. Love you all.

4:22 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I just noticed that music has been playing this whole time. I’m either terrible at general observation or that’s simply a comment on the fact that things are slowing down a little bit. Anyway, here is a picture of Dean Rick Culliton, the Dean of Students extraordinaire, checking out the fair:

Note the one-half-face-sunburn in progress.

4:10 pm Samira wrote:

Overheard at the Be the Art table: “I don’t want to hear another white boy playing Dispatch.”

4:03 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

For anyone manning the tables: have fun waking up tomorrow with one half of your face bright red. (The tables were conveniently aligned so that the sun glares directly down the aisles.)

3:59 pm Samira wrote:

3:48 pm Samira wrote:

Various pictures from the WSA student activities fair:

3:46 pm Samira wrote:

Evan Schleifer Katz ’15: Wesleying is the coolest thing about Wesleyan.

Zach: What’s the coolest thing about Wesleying?

Evan: I like the fact that it’s not run by the administration.

3:43 pm Samira wrote:

Ella Ross ’15“Wesleying is part of the reason why I decided to ED… it’s sassy, institutional, still neutral, etc.”

Zach: She’s like totally preaching our mission statement right now.”

3:40 pm Syed wrote:

Regarding Mammoth‘s comment, we will photoshop pictures of Michael Roth’s face if need be.  Just join.  Michael Roth wants YOU [to join Wesleying].

3:34 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Some clouds have appeared on the horizon in the south and west. The fact that this is noteworthy is itself northworthy.

3:20 pm Samira wrote:

[Mammoth] Upon visiting the most excellent Wesleying booth, I was pleased to find that the most illustrious Samira and our-dear-leader Zach were using their opportune placement next to the free soda booth as a means of getting dem froshies involved. “You should quote me on this. I’ve spent most of the student activities fair looking over at Unlocked wishing we were as cool as them. We should get more naked people on Wesleying.” Any takers, y’all? Free soda may be in your future.

3:20 pm pyrotechnics wrote:


Those six people (L to R: Erika Hubbard ’14, Erin Smith ’14, Lisa Hendrix, Susanna Banks ’13, Cameron Couch ’13, and Emma Dominguez-Millan ’14), along with a few not pictured, organized all of this:

3:13 pm Samira wrote:

Andrew Martin ’15 is ‘pimping out’ his freshmen friends and making them meet people. “Today is Miranda Heymon ’16s birthday hAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRANDA HEYMONNNNNNN!!!!”

3:03 pm Samira wrote:

where am I?  Somewhere where I can accidentally blog.  Could be worse.   –Aidan Berkey ’16‘s first blog post ever

2:59 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Despite the crowds, I think this still beats the crush of humanity that perspired in the tent of previous years. Especially since that tent had a price tag of $ 4,000.

2:58 pm Samira wrote:

Connor Justice ’16 went to my high school. He wants to blog and be a democrat. Side note, why do freshmen keep fretting about not being funny enough?

2:53 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

The sky is very blue. To my chagrin, the sun is not. I hate yellow.

2:52 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

“I’d like to write for Wesleying, but I’m not sure if I’m funny enough” seems to be the refrain of the day.

2:50 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

A quote I heard while trying to format the picture below: “I’ve been reading this blog for so long, and I’m only a freshman!” From Anabel Pasarow ’16.

Here’s a snap of Samira and pyrotechnics hard at work liveblogging amidst the chaos and cacophony. 5 points to whoever can guess who is who.

2:43 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Susanna Banks ’13 (alongside fellow WSA-Office-inhabitant Syed Ali ’13) one of the primary organizers of this whole event, so if you see her around give her a high five or something.

2:37 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Some dozen people have wandered up to our table, signed their names, and wandered away without saying a word. I hope they don’t do that with every table. I would not envy that inbox.

Also of note is the other Our Dear Leader Zach (WSA President category):

2:31 pm Samira wrote:

Anders Dohlman ’15 just signed up for Wesleying. He wants to sign up for the intramural soccer team too. He says he’s not that good [at soccer]. He could “fux wit it.”

2:28 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Piril Ozince ’16 and our Dear Leader Zach wandering the fair, now looking blurry and ambiguous due to technical failures:

2:25 pm Samira wrote:

Piril Ozince ’16 international student from Turkey is really excited about Wesleying.

2:20 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Now some sophomores!

2:19 pm Samira wrote:

Evelyn Kim ’16 who went to my high school and then disappeared for three years but goes to Wesleyan now was just here. She’s not down to blog though.

2:15 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

After running into some technical difficulties, pyrotechnics has finally joined you to comment testily on the masses of WesKids wandering nearby. Pictured below is the two frosh who just signed up!

2:12 pm Samira wrote:

Josh ’15 and Matt ’15 can’t catch their last names because they’re upside down on the sheet right now but they transferred and seem really cool!

2:05 pm Samira wrote:

Lizzie Noonan ’16 and Katie Benvenuti ’16 are the first people to sign up for Wesleying wo000ooo0000. we need more underclassmen…jus sayin

2:01 pm Samira wrote:

Boy Prince Zack Kantor ’15 just came by and said hi.

1:57 pm Samira wrote:

We’re at table 88. Next to Mike of Bon Appetit giving out FREE SODA and Yatta Zoker ’14 of Be the Art. They showcase art made by Students of Color. I am the first person to sign up on their list today.

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