Spotted: Olin Mystery Chalkboard

Chalking may be banned at Wesleyan (despite the better efforts of some students earlier this month and last WesFest), but Olin Library knows no earthly law. A few tipsters have noticed two odd and inexplicable chalkboards lodged in the stacks of Main Floor Olin, which are currently playing host to animal doodles, palindromes, Hangman diagrams, and a lovely illustration of the word ‘Bennet.’ The chalk is provided free of charge—maybe this will be the new Olin chalkboard ACB?

As far as Olin shenanigans go, it’s not quite as weird as that post-it board or as exciting as the Olin  Candy Fairy, but check it out. (Speaking of chalking in unlikely settings, check out the New York Timesprofile on Robin Lane, a longtime urban chalker in Manhattan. Shout-out to frostedmoose for the tip.)

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4 thoughts on “Spotted: Olin Mystery Chalkboard

  1. Jessica Jordan

    The purpose of it is to separate the reference books from the withdrawn books the library is getting rid of, so that the two don’t get mixed up. On that note, free books in Olin, horay!

  2. Batte_A

    They first showed up during Senior Week, with just as little explanation. Through a highly scientific process known as “guessing”, I hypothesize that their primary users over the summer were high school kids doing summer programs. I’ve also heard reports that one appeared in the second floor stacks, too.

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