Right Freakin’ Now: Doernberg ’13 Films #OWS Anniversary

Happy first birthday, Occupy Wall Street! The movement to repair social and economic equality in America began one year ago today, when the initial occupation began in Manhattan’s Zucotti Park. A small coalition of Wes students was there that first week, with extensive Wesleying coverage appearing here and here. In the year since, Wesleyan has seen on-campus occupations, alumni (and presidential) perspectives, coverage by Ezra Silk ’10 and Rob Wohl ’11, academic discussions, student arrests, aborted Radiohead concerts, and quite a bit more.

Appropriately, a handful of Wes students are in New York right now, joining in the festivities. According to Reuters, over 100 protestors have been arrested, with at least on Wesleyan student reportedly among them. Resident livestreamer and bearded social media journalist Ben Doernberg ’13 has been livestreaming the experience all day, and you can follow along above or on U-Stream.

For more on the #OWS anniversary, here’s ongoing coverage from Slate, The Nation, and the New York Times. Also, scroll on for our gallery of photos of Wesleyan students at #OWS this time last year.

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4 thoughts on “Right Freakin’ Now: Doernberg ’13 Films #OWS Anniversary

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  4. Ross Levin

    Woo, keep it up! In solidarity here in Oaxaca! Its amazing and inspiring to see people in NYC and so many other places back in the streets…although I know that Occupy never really “died”…and a little known fact, calculated by a friend: the first night of Occupy Wall St, 15% of the people sleeping in the park were Wes studnts.

    With love for all my companer@s up north, from the Revolution in Mexico

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