View with a Room: show us urs n well show u ours…….

Need an incentive to clean up your room? (I know I do.) Need a reward for having your setup finalized weeks ago? (Great job!) Are you a vain motherfucker? (…)

Us fine folks here at Wesleying take part in a more-or-less regular series we have to like to call “View with a Room” (check that link to see past installments). We ask readers like you — preferably students, though we’ll also inadvertently accept submissions from non-students clever enough to evade our detection — to send in pictures of your rooms, with a few words attached to give some context to the images we’re seeing. All class years are welcome – dorm rooms may seem the obvious default, but if you’re living in an apartment or house and decked out your common area, or youre the girl whose room in our house we share happens to actually be two rooms, and you decided to convert the outer one into an upstairs lounge, show us that, too.

When it comes down to it, this feature series is just another way in which Wesleying strives for the same lofty goal as always: let students speak for themselves about what student life is really like here. Or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves when the tears begin to flow. So please, don’t   let me start bawling in Usdan for the second time this semester. Find a friend who’s into photography, put the pizza boxes and Dubra handles under the bed, and send your view — with a room  — to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. We’d also really love it if you included “View with a Room” in the title, so we can keep things sorted nicely. Click past the jump for a few that have already been on the blog, just in case some kid two years ago literally had exactly the same idea as you.

Also, enjoy this bonus history lesson, featuring rooms where oft-noted Wes alums once resided! Hot dog!

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