Viral Vid: “How To Dress at Wesleyan”

No, not a promo for the upcoming How To Dress Well show.

Speaking of aspiring Wesleyan viral classics, here’s the latest and greatest via the ACB, “How To Dress at Wesleyan.” No, it’s not an infomercial for the upcoming performance by indie R&B maestro How To Dress Well. The video is simply “just a quick guide to looking the part on the Wesleyan campus,” made by Jimmy O’Keeffe ’15 and filmed in what appears to be a WestCo Hewitt 8 hallway. It’s not quite critically acclaimed on the ACB, but what else is new?

For (much) older Wes fashion spotlights, check out Well Dressed Wes (no, this hasn’t been updated since 2007), the similarly named Well, You’re Dressed, Wes (nor has this), or Huffington Post.

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