New Journal for the Humanities: Info Meeting & Call for Editors

From Aria Danaparamita, Claire Choi, Ka Ya Lee, and Yu Vongkiatkajorn:

So we were sitting there contemplating infinity when we thought, why is there not a student-run academic journal for the humanities? Answer: because we’re going to start one! (That makes no sense, whatever.)

We are starting this new journal for the humanities (pending a more attractive name…) in partnership with CHUM. Here’s the plan: a journal published periodically, in print and online, with peer-reviewed academic work from any of the humanities, surrounding one common theme.

And you should be involved. Ways to be involved:
– editorial team
– print layout/production
– online/media team

We’d like to have the most diverse team possible in terms of interests and disciplines (even if you don’t have a major yet!). We’d also like to have people who’ve had experience in publications on campus. Or anyone who thinks this is a good idea, really.

Come to our first info meeting where we’ll share our ideas on what this could be. It’ll be exciting. (And if you have any questions, feel
free to contact adanaparamit, schoi01, klee03, and kvongkiatkaj (at)wesleyan(dot)edu)

Date: Thursday, September 20
Time: 5:00PM – 6:00PM
Place: Allbritton 103
Cost: Your chronotope

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