Operation L.O.L.

Welcome to Operation L.O.L. (Liveblogging in Olin Library). Somewhat on a whim, your faithful Wesleying fanatics Syed and pyrotechnics are liveblogging right fucking now in Olin. This is partially an experiment to see how long it takes the people around us to procrastinate via Wesleying and then notice us at the next table. But we’re not at all scientifically rigorous about it.

Come visit us! Especially if you desire immortal Wesleying fame. We might move around a bit but will mostly be in the main ‘homework’ area with all the lamps. We’ll be here for a while, probably until we start getting hungry and go get dinner. In other words, if you bring us food, you get more liveblogging.

Some frivolous, silly reporting of other people pretending to read books after the jump.

6:26 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

We’re getting pretty hungry, so Syed and I are gonna go grab dinner. Thanks to those who said hello and to those that enjoyed the liveblogging. See you all again soon.


6:24 pm Syed wrote:

FYI: Exciting new Wesleying poll next week coming your way from pyrotechnics.  Be terrified.

6:23 pm Syed wrote:

Is everyone aware that neither WeShop nor Pi Café serves glazed doughnuts? Or any doughnuts at all? Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with this campus.  The Tuscan Three Cheese Pretzel crisps will have to compensate for now.

6:20 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

The acoustics of this room make even a minor cough the equivalent of a cannon going off. Who built this library?

Even so, that’s not as bad as the main library at UC Berkeley, where they don’t let you use laptops because the clacking of the keys is considered too loud.

6:13 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Never bring paper bags from WeShop into Olin.

6:09 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

This has pretty much been one, long rendition of 3:33. I just need a piano.

6:06 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Something, not sure what (roll-cart? printer?) is making noises like the last gasps of a distressed and dying arctic seal.

6:02 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Woop, now it’s working again.

6:02 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Somebody broke the printer. The fixing is making even more noise.

5:57 pm Syed wrote:

Speaking of saving the world, student group leaders should remember to come to the SBC-hosted Mandatory Financial Meeting tomorrow at 4:30PM in Exley 150.

5:55 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Syed is just lazy and wants you to save the world for him.

5:55 pm Syed wrote:

This is what pyrotechnics and I look like right now:


5:54 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Someone nearby put their music up way too loud: I can hear it from 20 feet away, and he’s got headphones. His neighbor taps his shoulder, he looks over, fiddles, the music goes away, he gives a thumbs up, his neighbor gives a thumbs up, they go back to studying.

5:53 pm Syed wrote:

As a former member of Democracy Matters, I actually encourage you all to attend that meeting.  Please save the world.

5:52 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Alyssa Bonneau ’14 stopped by to let us know about the first meeting of Democracy Matters in Albritton 113 at 8:00PM tonight. They’ll be talking about the ever-relevant subject of campaign finance reform (this year’s presidential election is set to easily be the most expensive ever).

5:49 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Sneezes continue to thunder and echo about the room.

5:47 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Somebody, who thought ahead by putting their phone on vibrate, stopped thinking ahead and put said phone on the wooden table. The *bzzzzt bzzzzt bzzzzt* noises got most people to raise their heads from their screens/pages.

5:46 pm Syed wrote:

Today’s top search terms leading to Wesleying include: dinosaurs, pokemon, wesleyan acb, wesleyi, dinosauri, volleyball pictures, and liter.  Welcome to all of our readers, whatever your intentions.  Oh, and the correct term is pokémon…

5:45 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Make that 40+.

5:43 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Two dudes are engaging in an iterative exchange of frisbee on the football field. Meanwhile, the 30+ Throw Culture enthusiasts are playing a game of Ultimate not twenty yards away on this weird diagonal pitch by Dresser Diamond.

5:40 pm Syed wrote:

BECHDELChatrath ’13 reads Alison Bechdel‘s Fun Home, which I must say, is one of the greatest books ever.  Bechdel is reading tonight at 8PM in Russell House.  I would encourage you all to go, but I want a good seat.


5:38 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Syed is typing one-handed. “I’m lazy, and my left hand is tired.”

5:37 pm pyrotechnics wrote:


5:36 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I’m always surprised by how close people insist on putting their faces to the screen/page. It’s as though they’re trying to fall into a Pensieve.

5:32 pm Syed wrote:

I’m glad to know that I’m the most interesting thing in pyrotechnics‘s world.

5:31 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

A run of the 2nd and 3rd floor study spaces and a brief tour of the Stacks has yielded nothing of particular interest, so here’s a picture of Syed blogging away:

5:31 pm Syed wrote:

The chatter and laughter of excited girls towards the front of the building echoes into the back room.  People turn and look, but of course, cannot see anything.

5:30 pm Syed wrote:

Several people check their phones at any given minute.  The need to be constantly connected is amusing, thinks the liveblogger.

5:27 pm Syed wrote:

Someone’s iPhone just rang out loud! The atrocity!

5:24 pm Syed wrote:

Apparently the Cardinal Technology Store is no longer selling the Wesleyan-branded protective sleeves for MacBooks.  Apparently, store representatives say they decided to stop selling the item since 50% of students are interested, but 50% are not.  The horror.

If anyone wants to start a petition to bring them back, I will sign it.

5:19 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I’m going to take an excursion around the library and see what’s up in the rest of the building. BRB.

5:17 pm Syed wrote:

Psychedelics Debate? Check out Extended Mind blog by  Addison Hoffman ’15.

5:16 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I’d wager that the Stacks gets more action than any other location on campus except residences.

5:15 pm Syed wrote:

“Olin makes me really horny,” says a different friend.  Get it, guys.

5:14 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Facebook is currently open on every laptop screen I can see except mine. That’s definitely sociologically significant somehow.

5:13 pm Syed wrote:

This is a very important ethnographic study.  I’m enrolled in ENGL 301 Performance Theory and Literature, in which we’ve been discussing everyday life as performance.  It’s quite intriguing, actually.

5:11 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

A large group of people is now screaming from outside the Library. Maybe a sports team?

5:11 pm Syed wrote:

Signs that one isn’t getting much work done: having multiple Facebook chats open.

5:10 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

There’s been a more or less constant background chatter the whole time we’ve been here. I’m sure that’s sociologically significant somehow.

5:08 pm Syed wrote:


5:07 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I think that person is actually the Reference Librarian.

5:07 pm Syed wrote:

If anyone wants to join us on glazed doughnut procurement, you’re welcome to.
Meanwhile, another ’15er  is in disbelief about loud voices.

5:06 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

It’s great how we’re liveblogging to each other in order to not talk in the library. 21st century, people.

5:05 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Field trip: absolutely.

5:04 pm Syed wrote:

Someone is talking loudly enough for me to hear across the room.  Don’t be that person.

5:04 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

We just got a massive spike in Wesleying views in the last fifteen minutes. We know you’re reading! Now come visit us.

We should liveblog more often.

5:03 pm Syed wrote:

I would love a glazed doughnut! Want to do a field trip after this?

5:03 pm Syed wrote:

Inevitably, plugging your charger into an outlet is incredibly inconvenient.  It just took a two-man effort to get mine in.  #olinprobs

5:00 pm Syed wrote:

FYI: A request for approval has been submitted for a People Watching Club this year.  Get excited.

5:00 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Watching random people stare off into space with a book in their hand is extremely entertaining. The glazed look is priceless. Speaking of glazed, I could really go for a donut right now.

4:57 pm Syed wrote:

Saumya Chatrath ’13 drops by.  She wants to put down her stuff so she can meet a friend on the steps. She expresses interest in the Daniel Family Commons lunch voucher system that Dean Mike just emailed us all about.  Everyone should do it, it’s great.

4:55 pm pyrotechnics wrote:


4:52 pm Syed wrote:

You’re right pyro, it’s surprisingly loyal to our header with the blue text.

4:52 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Ah, the classic sound of somebody hastily tapping the ‘reduce volume’ button on a Mac.

4:51 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Hey, mine is the only laptop that has Wesleying’s official logo (see above picture) on it, and is thus superior to all others in the room.

4:51 pm Syed wrote:

The audible crunching in the background really makes me hungry.  I see someone making a confused expression at their computer screen.  Sucks.

4:48 pm Syed wrote:

“Do you see that guy in the pink* sweater? He saw me naked yesterday,” says a nearby friend wearing a red* sweater.

*colors have been changed to protect identities involved.

4:48 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

A tour under the guidance of Andy Ribner ’14 went by a little while ago. Everyone looked terrified of making noise.

4:46 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Everyone looks surprisingly studious. Except us.

4:43 pm Syed wrote:

I can see ten laptops in the main section of first floor right now.  Nine are Macs.  One is pyrotechnics‘s tiny little PC.  Does anyone remember when Ma Jun came to campus last fall?

4:42 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Walnuts (probably) guy just sneezed massively. And sniffled, also massively.

4:39 pm Syed wrote:

If anyone’s interested, as some in this room (such as myself) might be, here’s a guide to improving your posture.

4:37 pm Syed wrote:

Wow, someone just zipped really loudly.  Obnoxious, clearly.

4:34 pm Syed wrote:

BASEBALLThere’s some baseball going on outside.  It’s unclear just who is playing, but all the movement could be a potential distraction for someone who’s actually trying to do work.  Then again, so could this blog.

4:33 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

The walnuts (probably) are crunching loudly.

4:33 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

At least three lamps are currently on. Does no one care about the environment? I mean, come on.

4:32 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Some dude just sat down next to me and pulled two bags of walnuts (probably) out of his pocket. For some reason I think that’s noteworthy.

4:29 pm Syed wrote:

Beverages of choice this afternoon appear to include: bottled water (boo! watch out for Melodious‘s wrath), synergy, Organic Yerba Mate Guayaki, water in reusable bottles (woo!), and of course, coffee.  Chloe Murtagh ’15 adds, “and human blood!” as she peers over my shoulder.

4:29 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

There’s a display case behind me proudly displaying some Summer Session clothing-wear. I wonder how long it will stay up. My bets would be on November, but now that I’ve blogged about it maybe the Library will notice and take it down sooner.

4:27 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

The stacks look infinitely smaller from the outside than they do from the inside. But I guess that’s true of most structures. Like those athletic arenas with inflated roofs held up by air pressure. Those look really small from outside. And then on the inside they’re huge! Ever been in one of those? That’s what I’m feeling with the stacks right now.

4:26 pm Syed wrote:

One of the lampshades is also missing.  God*, are you there?

(*Physical Plant) 

4:25 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Has anyone ever noticed that NONE of these lampshades are on straight?

4:22 pm Syed wrote:

Printing resumes, from the other side.  Did you know that the members of the Wesleyan community produce about 3 pounds of paper waste per week?

4:21 pm Syed wrote:

The printer seems to be going nonstop… or not.  Just stopped.  Sounds of zippering in the background.

4:21 pm Syed wrote:

Someone sneezes, twice.  Achoo, ACHOO.

4:20 pm Syed wrote:

I’ve now joined, as my calendar desires.


4:18 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Chloe Murtagh ’15, paying us a visit, just smacked her laptop into the table and created a deafening crash. I never notice this stuff when I actually study here, which is never.

4:15 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I don’t think I’ve ever realized exactly how loud a three-hole punch is until today.

4:12 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

A subtle cacophony cascades slowly through the hall as several individuals lose their grip on a collection of books, bags, pencils, and intellectual advances of the last several millennia.

4:09 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

Although the header says that we’ll be reporting on book-reading, I definitely see far more laptops out on the tables than books.

4:07 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

The only thing I currently have to report is the not-so-unusually event of someone awkwardly attempting to answer a phone call.

4:06 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

I, pyrotechnics, would like to welcome you to our latest liveblogging episode, currently posting from Olin Library’s blogosphere. My comrade, Syed, should be joining shortly.

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