Photos: Wesleyan Takes Zuccotti Park at #OWS Anniversary

Now with live video from Doernberg ’13.

As we reported Monday, a small caravan of riled up Wes students and alumni hit up New York’s Zuccotti Park just in time for the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. According to the New York Times, at least 185 were arrested. According to aspiring social media journalist Ben Doernberg ’13, at least one of those was a Wesleyan student. Speaking of statistics, Ross Levin ’15 included another one in a Wesleying comment: “the first night of Occupy Wall St, 15% of the people sleeping in the park were Wes students.”

Because livestreaming the festivities isn’t enough, Doernberg sends in a gallery of photos, one video, and a guest post narrating his coverage of the happenings. Doernberg’s summary and gallery appear below. Scroll on if you love photos of NYPD cops looking grim.

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A year after The Bankers defeated The Anarchists in the Battle of Wall Street, a group of current and former Wesleyan students journeyed to survey the damage. What we discovered was a wasteland; Lower Manhattan seemed abandoned except for endless miles of metal barricades and vindictive men in matching blue and white outfits.

On Sunday afternoon, we attended an Anarchist planning meeting where we attempted to bore undercovers to death. In the next photo, you can see the blue men engaged in their most prized tactical maneuver, “wasting time and money standing around.” Meanwhile, at nearby Liberty Square, a particularly vegan couple was doing something vegan.

On Monday morning I emerged in my tourist disguise, prepared to ask any potential arresting officer for directions to the Empire State Building. As you can see, the blue men were not in the mood to give any directions beyond “get the fuck on the sidewalk.” A former Wes student was arrested minutes later for locking arms and refusing to move while blocking traffic; I cannot confirm or deny that it was President Roth.

Next is a clickworthy video of people, including Wesleyan’s own D.P. and Anonymous ’14 blocking an intersection, dancing, and chanting “A anti anti-capitalista,” which is Italian for “the invisible hand of the free market feels great cupping my balls.” Whoever took the video at this angle was probably in the street too; nice camerawork, Anonymous ’Me.

The woman being arrested in the next photo is Julia Reinhardt, a member of the National Press Photographers Association. The arresting officer appears to be discussing the case with a woman in a shirt emblazoned with “NYPD LEGAL” on the back, in what can only be a bizarre attempt to suggest that the actions of the blue men are dictated by a set of external rules. Perhaps NYPD legal told the two officers in the next photo to stand back-to-back Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker Rush Hour style?

Then there was this jackass who was irritating everyone around him. I wasn’t his biggest fan, but I wasn’t wearing a cool uniform, so someone else had to grab him off the sidewalk and throw him in jail for being annoying #NYPDLEGAL

Next up are some people at Bowling Green, and a photo of a puppet I posted to Instagram. It’s good, right? The composition and everything?

This Homeland Security guy was carrying five sets of plastic handcuffs, and I firmly believe he could have put them all to use simultaneously. After I took his picture he took mine, I think out of revenge for stealing his soul.

Later in the day a ’14 member of our team was grabbed off the sidewalk and put in the pokey for a few hours. He survived with only minor Hepatitis implications.

This last picture is meant to be symbolic.

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