Film Series: Post Mortem

2010. Chile. Dir: Pablo Larraín. With Alfredo Castro. 98 min.

This period piece examines how easy it is for ordinary people to sleepwalk into a climate of atrocity, either as victims, collaborators, or as both. Mario writes autopsy reports at the military hospital in Santiago, until the 1973 Pinochet coup d’état shakes him out of his state of apathy.

Presented as part of The Spanish Film Club series with the support of Pragda, the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, and its Program for Cultural Cooperation with U.S. Universities.

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2 thoughts on “Film Series: Post Mortem

  1. 2015

    is film series showing the 2010 Post Mortem or the 1998 one? the trailer is from 1998 but the info above it says 2010

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