New Teen Force Auditions, Second Chance

Does anyone even remember that dude Stephan Stansfield ’13, the pride of Lowell, MA? Anyway, this cat just sent this this in and it sounds like a purrfect opportunity if you missed the comedy boat. While we’re on that subject, we won’t change the subject now: 

Holy fuck, guys! New Teen Force needs new members to join the worst kept secrety-secret society on campus, New Teen Force! They do long-form improv comedy, a la free form, or, in other words, whatever. You don’t needa prepare NOTHIN for auditions, just come willing to free associate and release your inhibitions. The rest is still unwritten.

Date: 9/21/2012. That’s friday the 21st, Spookfest!
Time: 3:00 PM. In army time, that’s 15:00, the ides of March
Place: Fayerweather Theatre Rehearsal Room, Room 106
Cost: Free (form)

Come make some Fayerweather friends! They won’t stick around when your cat dies, but they’ll probably make fun of you!

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3 thoughts on “New Teen Force Auditions, Second Chance

  1. MURD@M!LLZ~9-7-8~KILL@

    Mr. Bot, your time jokes are contrived at best. Also, you couldn’t come up with anything for “fayerweather theatre rehearsal room, room 106”? It’s too easy, like open season at the petting zoo, my friend. All I have to say is beware of Greeks bearing gifts. And by bear I’m referring to Pierre. I fucked your bear.

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