Wesleyan Thinks BIG: A Call for Professor Suggestions

“No slides. No handouts. No Moodle.”

Unofficial Wes Celeb Hannah Vogel ’13 writes in anonymously (whoops) to let y’all know that Wesleyan is thinking BIG again. The group is trying to put on two events this year, and they’re currently taking requests for this fall’s edition. If you know a professor who would give a great nine-minute lecture on literally (not figuratively) anything they want, then please like their Facebook page and let the organizing group know. Here’s the group’s call for your favorite professors:

No slides. No handouts. No Moodle. Just the most exciting professors at Wesleyan, telling us about the ideas they can’t stop thinking about. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR THIS SEMESTER’S WES THINKS BIG SPEAKERS: Post on our timeline and let us know who you’d like to see!

Keep on thinking big, y’all. And tell your friends. Here’s video coverage of last year’s Wesleyan Thinks BIG event, with Mary-Jane Rubenstein’s lecture after the jump.

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