“Blunt After Blunt After Blunt”: A Kitty Pryde/Danny Brown Postmortem

I was gonna quote Danny Brown lyrics here, but actually, nah.

What do you get when you combine a 30-year-old cartoon-voiced hype rapper from Detroit, a 19-year-old suburban Daytona Beach high-schooler-turned-rap-princess, and about 300 overheated, excitable, Tumblr-wave-savvy Wes students? Sweat, mostly. And eccentric, buzzy hip hop, delivered in a room largely lacking in oxygen.

As promised, Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde rolled through Eclectic for one of their first ever shows together, raising Eclectic’s capacity and temperature far above the norm. (Tickets sold out in two Usdan lunches.) Kitty rhymed for about 20 minutes, updating her sleepy bedroom raps for a more riotous live setting and yelling at students to get off the stage. Her tribute to Justin Bieber, “Justin Bieber,” drew a solid cheer, and she seems to have passed the “Is She Actually a Suburban Teenager” litmus test. Danny Brown performed a much more substantial set, drawing largely from 2011’s XXX as he stalked the stage, rhyming wildly through his chipped tooth and pulling off articles of clothing. “Blunt After Blunt” and “Adderall Admiral” even inspired some attempted singalongs, though I haven’t heard anyone approximate his cartoonish delivery. (Special guest Tony Pajamas seemed to enjoy himself as well, declaring it an “epic night.”)

They did not make out onstage for an hour, as Kitty Pryde promised, but they did share the stage to raucous approval for one full track, which was caught (poorly) on video:

Mostly, I think internet reviewer and recent WESU guest Anthony Fantano summed up the experience best when he interviewed both artists in Eclectic shortly before the show (and I’m paraphrasing): “The fact that we’re here, in this room, is just a perfect example of how fucking weird the internet is. We only really exist on the internet. It’s weird.” Turns out, internet celebrities are more or less the same in real life.

Look out for the full interview on Wesleying and Aural Wes soon, courtesy of Will Feinstein ’13. Full Kitty Pryde/Danny Brown photo gallery below.

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  4. apj

    Tony pajamas is not the dj the dj is Skywlkr tony pajamas is just some guy that came to the show but actually he was on the amanda show come on

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