Sunday: Audition for a 16mm Thesis Film

Calling all actors, male and female! This might just be the film for YOU to star in. And it will be directed by the lovely Stefan Skripak ’13. Auditions will take place 1:30-4 in PAC 001 More info via producer Albert Tholen ’15 below:

We are looking to fill two parts:
  • Boy– a wide-eyed young man who has yet to learn the consequences of his child-like faith
  • Girl – a striking young woman with a curious innocence and understanding of the natural world around her

Film summary:  “The story of our film takes place in a world just slightly different than our own. Having escaped from captivity in an oppressive experimental lab, Boy and Girl must journey through a corrupted natural landscape in search of a fabled power that will free them from their empty world. In their innocence they stumble upon a solution they didn’t expect, in the form of a romance free of all social premonitions.”
No preparation or experience required, just a willingness to show your more innocent side and potentially have some fun in the woods!Auditions are walk-up, BUT if you email producer Albert Tholen ( we will schedule you in to make sure you get a chance to audition.
WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 23
TIME: 1:30-4
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