Need-Blind Action @ Board of Trustees Meeting Tomorrow

From the activist folks you love/hate/ignore (or love to hate, hate to ignore, and ignore to love?):

The Board of Trustees is on campus this weekend, and their Executive Session is tomorrow (Sunday).

Following an open community meeting this evening, we have decided to gather outside Usdan tomorrow at 12:00 PM to communicate to the Board that Need-Blind matters to all students and call for increased transparency concerning the issue. We would like our voices to be heard, and show the administration that there are viable alternatives than those which have been implemented without student input.

While we recognize that need blind admissions is a complicated issue, we believe we have a vital obligation as students to demonstrate to the board of trustees and the administration that Need-Blind matters to students.

Please wear red (preferably Wesleyan shirts) for us to be as prominent of a group as possible. We will have poster paper and markers available so you can tell the administration why you care about this issue, if you desire.

This is an urgent, all-hands on deck gathering. Convincing the Board that a large number of students care about Need-Blind is our only hope for having a voice in decisions that affect us as students.  We will have other opportunities to do this, but THIS IS A BIG ONE.

tl;dr you care about socioeconomics and shit, right?
Date: Tomorrow, September 23
Time: Noon
Place: Outside Usdan

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