Male Actors Needed for Oddfellows Production: “A Civil War Christmas”

Wesleying received a call for auditions from the Oddfellows Playhouse’s Teen Repertory Company:

Ever wanted to be in a musical rendition of the Christmas of 1864? Now’s your chance! Oddfellows Playhouse needs male actors in its production of “A Civil War Christmas,” to be performed in December. Come lend your acting and musical talent to this intergenerational cast. Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday evenings. More information can be obtained from the director Peter Loffredo at ptloffredo(at)att(dot)net.

Here’s what the play is actually about: “It’s 1864 and Washington, D.C. is settling down to the coldest Christmas Eve in years. In the White House, President and Mrs. Lincoln plot their giving, while others plot his end. On the banks of the Potomac, a young rebel challenges a Union blacksmith’s mercy. In the alleys downtown, an escaped slave loses her daughter just before finding freedom. Told through intertwined stories of historical and fictional characters, this play, with music, by Pulitzer Prize-winner Paula Vogel is a funny, serious, heartwarming and critical examination of American values in a time of war.” Sweet!

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