‘Pearly Whites’ Seeks Background Artists

Pearly Whites, the crazy animated thesis film about a dentistry and madness, is now seeking a few good artists. More from Ben Smith ’13:

Seeking background artwork for Wesleyan’s one and only animated Senior Film Thesis! Ben Smith ’13 is looking for background artists to help bring this animated thesis to life. This dark comedy is not your Saturday morning cartoon. Set in a sleepy town in Oregon, Pearly Whites details the events that occur in the life of a dentist whose newest patient has become addicted to Nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The film deals with themes of depression, parenting, and teeth. Lots and lots of teeth.

Be prepared to show a portfolio (landscapes and still-life pieces preferred).

No prior experience with digital animation necessary, although if interested in contributing to the motion animation itself, please state so in your email.

Contact: basmith@wes
Deadline: soon.

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