Sustainability Coordinator Advisory Panel Seeks Members

Marj “Not Marge” Dodson ’13 seeks members for a student panel on sustainability:

This year, Wesleyan University has a new sustainability coordinator Jen Kleindienst. Maybe you went to the potluck welcoming her to campus or have heard of some of her first initiatives. Maybe you have some ideas of how she can make sustainability at Wesleyan rock.

I’m leading a student advisory panel to help Jen out—keep her in the loop as to what students are up to and help set goals for the semester and year. If you’re interested in being apart of this group, please shoot me a quick email by Thursday at noon and let me know why you’re interested. My email: mdodson(zat)wesleyan(zot)edu.

Deadline: Thursday at noon
Contact: mdodson@wes

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