Water Station Building Competition

Sewon Kong ’14 wants you to be the next “The  Waterboy” , kind of:

Wesleyan eliminated bottled water from campus, but we still have to stay hydrated during outdoor events. That’s where you (and your friends) come in. We have the filtration unit; we need YOU to build the casing to hold it. Get a team together and design a portable water station with the help of expert faculty, staff, and alumni.

Official Rules and Details here or come to the info session to ask questions in person.

Co-sponsored by the Sustainability Office, CFA, The Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and the College of the Environment.

Help Wesleyan fill up without throwing away.

Date: Tuesday, September 25th
Time: 7:00-8:00 PM
Place: Usdan 109

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3 thoughts on “Water Station Building Competition

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  2. athlete

    The lack of bottled water on campus is especially annoying for athletes. I’m on a team and go get big packs from pricechopper. I understand how bottled water can be deemed unnecessary/wrong, but it should be up to the students to decide if we want to buy it or not. Simply banning it doesn’t take into account the needs of all of the students.

    1. why it matters

      Sorry for your troubles. Simply using it doesn’t take into account the needs of communities whose local water sources are exhausted by bottled water companies, the incredible amount of waste generated annually by bottled water consumption, the exorbitant premium you pay for water that can be less clean than what you can get at the tap, the human health effects of leached chemicals, or the impact on a livable world for future generations as a result of climate change. Do your homework. Your actions make a difference.

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