Democracy Matters’ Almost-First Meeting Tonight

Not about that…[SuperPAC] life? Interested in people interested in campaign finance reform? Haven’t heard about Democracy Matters yet? Well, with graphic design like that, there’s no way you can’t be interested now. Alyssa “Blurb Minimally Edited for Clarity” Bonneau ’14 wants to bring you up to speed on money in politics:

There’ll be a meeting at 8pm in Allbritton 113. For this one ,I thought we could take a closer look at some of the most influential superPACs; seeing who they’re run by, who’s donating, and what campaigns the money’s going to. Also if my youtube searching is successful we could watch some superPAC tv ads. They’re exceptionally terrible and full of lies. hooray!

Just in case things aren’t clear, DM’s first meeting was last week, but since it didn’t make it the Wesleying Argus News Blog last week/it’s still pretty early on, our unpaid interns determined it was worth a post. Come on through, friends.

Date: Today’s date
Time: Current ti–er, 8 PM
Place: Allbritton 113
$: Not in my government, am I right?!

For a little more background on Democracy Matters, check out the organization website, some of the events they’ve helped put on on campus, or some third option I’m too lazy to add here. You do it. I gotta go to class, dude.

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