The First Eclectic Party: “Eclectic Party! Holy Shit. Where Am I? Who Are You? Eclectic Party!”

After a string of sold out, jam-packed, twitter-bathed shows, the very first actual Eclectic Party is upon us.

You may have seen a variety of posters on campus alluding to Sufjan Stevens/Prince. You may have been linked to an enigmatic, quasi-philosophical Facebook page. You may be going to Eclectic anyways this weekend because, as far as I can tell, that’s what people do this year.

Rest assured: This is a rave. A PURPLE RA(in)VE. There will be campus DJs and a surprise-guest-blast-from-the- past. Fun will be had.

Tickets are on sale online through the previously linked Facebook event. Eclectic members will also be selling tickets at Usdan during lunch tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

  •  What: The Party Formally Known As Purple Rain
  • Where: Eclectic
  • When: Friday, September 28th @ 10pm
  • Price: $5
  • Purple Rain is playing on Friday at the Film Series, isn’t it?: You’re absolutely correct, the entire Film Series calendar was organized around this party.
  • Facebook // Paypal 4 Tix

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