Grassroots Economics Training for Understanding Power

While Scott “If Joseph Stiglitz were a Beta Bro” Elias ’14 might not have the answers to your fiscal woes, he can at least give you a push in the right (make that left) direction.

How much student debt will YOU have after graduation?
Did you know that total student loan debt exceeds $1 trillion?
Come learn:
• Why tuition is skyrocketing
• Why politicians want to privatize public universities
• How college loan debt is increasing for students and a drag on the entire economy
• How we can pay for free higher education now, if there’s the political willThis Grassroots Economics Training for Understanding Power (GET UP) presentation by the National Organizer of the Young Democratic Socialists will cover the crisis in higher education as a result of neo-liberal policies, covering topics like student debt, corporatization of the university, rising tuition, and more.


This is especially relevant for understanding the context behind the recent controversial need blind decision! [extraneous exclamation points redacted]

Date: Tomorrow, September 27
Time: 6:30pm
Place: PAC 002 (erstwhile home of the Roth/Need-Blind Extravaganza)
Facebook: The Unternet’s home for events

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