Make Middle School Suck Less: Tutor at Woodrow Wilson!

Looking for a chance to be one of the adults in the pictures above? David Shor ’13 is gonna be your big break in the stock photo world:

Woodrow Wilson tutoring partnership wants you!  Let’s be real, middle school sucks, so if Middle school was really hard for you, or if it wasn’t, you’d probably make a great tutor!  Get close to 2 awesome middle schoolers in a mentoring/tutoring role and help make the world a better place in just 4 hours a week!  If you want more information contact dshor@wes or tadisafarrar@wes or just apply by emailing in the application or turning it in to OCS (3rd floor Allbritton)!  Get them in asap so you can start re-enjoying the Middle school life now! (Also it’s a work study job)

The apps are due at precisely “ASAP”, so set your alarms! In case you missed the link, here it is. Here it is again. One more time.

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