Volunteer Vacation: Maine United for Marriage

Looking for a loving cause to spend your fall break on? Look now farther! Vivianne Swerdlow ’13 writes in:

Tired of Partisan Politics? Just want to spread love? Donate your fall break to do so!

Come to Maine for fall break, and spend your time on a historic campaign to win marriage for same-sex couples at the ballot for the first time!

Mainers United for Marriage is looking for Wesleyan students willing to donate their fall break for a life-changing experience. You will be trained and work side-by-side with experienced campaign staff and other volunteers to do critical work to ensure a win in November. Not only will you walk away with memories of amazing fall foliage, but you will come away with new or honed campaign skills and friends in Maine. Who doesn’t want that?

Dates: Oct 12-16
Place: Portland, ME
Cost: Free! 

As part of the program, we provide a home-stay, and travel assistance. So join us for a “Volunteer Vacation,” with free rainbows, plenty of glitter, and of course a nice resume boost.

Feeling excited, intrigued, and altruistic? Contact Vivianne Swerdlow ’13 at VSwerdlow(at)yeson1maine(dot)org or go to MainersUnited.org!

It’s time to make a difference.

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