Argus Magazine Information Session

Alex Wilkinson ’13 has decided he wants to get involved with writing on campus for a change:

The Argus Magazine is Wesleyan’s only student-produced publication specializing in long-form nonfiction and journalism. By showcasing creative, engaging pieces from a variety of academic fields and personal backgrounds, we seek to channel the diverse array of student perspectives, experiences, and knowledge endemic to the intellectual vitality of our campus. Fundamental to this endeavor is an emphasis on collaboration between writers and editors, a process we feel is essential to producing polished, innovative work.

If you’re interested in writing, editing, or taking photography for The Argus Magazine, come talk to us. We hope to see you tomorrow!

Date: Friday, September 28
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: Free

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7 thoughts on “Argus Magazine Information Session

  1. Sam Maldonado

    Actually, Argus Magazine is one of TWO publications on campus specializing in long-form nonfiction. The other is AFTER HOURS MAGAZINE (we take short-form creative nonfiction too). To get involved, email

    1. Alex Wilkinson

      I’m sorry for the error, Sam. I wasn’t aware that your magazine focused on long-form writing (I thought After Hours was mainly short form), and didn’t intend to obscure the facts. Next time I will emphasis our focus on long-form journalism.

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