Film Series: Purple Rain

1984. USA. Dir: Albert Magnoli. With Prince, Apollonia. 113 min.

Who is an arrogant, talented young singer from Minneapolis? PRINCE. Who is cool enough to make out with someone named “Apollonia?” PRINCE. Who will ponder his leather-clad reflection in a pool of water and then speed away on his giant motorcycle to give a series of incredible concerts, culminating in a show-stopping rendition of the title song? That’s right.

Tonight, September 28th. 8pm. Goldsmith Family Cinema. $5.

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2 thoughts on “Film Series: Purple Rain

  1. Solomon

    Vincent Canby, of the New York Times, wrote:

    With his mass of carefully tended, black curly locks and his large, dark
    doe eyes, [Prince] looks, in repose, like a poster of Liza Minnelli on which
    someone has lightly smudged a mustache. When astride his large
    motorcycle, as he is from time to time, the image suggests one of Jim
    Henson’s special effects from a Muppets movie: Kermit the Frog on a
    Harley- Davidson. In the depths of depression, pacing back and forth in
    his dressing room, he expresses all the pent-up rage of a caged mouse.

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