Giant Plume Giant Show @ Buddhist House

Noah Rush ’14, putting the “House” in “Buddhist House,” writes in:

Three, no wait, four acts taking the stage on Friday night at Buddhist House. Headlined by Plume Giant, a stellar folk trio made up of graduates from Yale University. They just released a full length Callithump, which you can find here and finished up a national tour in promotion of said album. Here’s a video of them rockin’ out on a rooftop despite a kind of awkward introductory lady.

What? They’ve also played at Wesleyan before.

Other bands:
Friendship Marathon – Wesleyan band debut show, formerly called
Jacquisaurus and the Poppyseeds, made up of Gabe Greenberg, Noah Rush
and Jackie Soro, make songs with lots of instruments.
Brushfire – WEsleyan band debut show, Mel Hsu and Jess Best
Miles Orion Butler – singer-songwriter from Philadelphia
here’s his ep.

Concert starts at 9:30, get there early for Relay Races and please take your shoes off at the do’.

Date: Friday, September 28th
Time: 9:30pm – 1:00am
Place: Buddhist House
Cost: Your shoes @ the door

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