“Dreams of Eternity”: Salazar ’13 Seeks Support for New Mixtape

Patrick Salazar ’13, otherwise known as Spoken Phor, has launched a Kickstarter for upcoming project “Dreams of Eternity,” to be produced by HiFadility from Trinity College. He is looking for campus support from fellow Wesleyan students. . All funds raised will go towards production costs, recording time, engineering, artwork, and music videos for the new project. You can check out the fundraising link here, and read what the artist has to say about his vision below:

Eternity. When we think eternity, we think forever. This grappling word takes our minds and our hearts to places where we normally do not think to go. It encompasses our fears, it encompasses our goals, and it encompasses our crux – what we truly believe ourselves to be purposed for.

I am afraid of myself – afraid that all unique, blue moon qualities I possess will amount to nothing but particles of existence, pieces of greatness seeking a never to be found glory, simply because of my own inadequacy. My inadequacies as a man cut me as deep as knife wounds: my fear of risk, my fear of limited potential, my fear of failure and my fight against growth preventing resentment are my only obstacles.

I dream of words –  words that transcend the limits of our physical world and motivate us to commune with our nature. Words that fight the battles our hands can not; and then I dream of unportended victories, spoken out of the mouth of a young child, victim of fate chosen by an unknown.

The allure of the world is beautiful. The allure of what the world can be even more so. Snatching off the ropes that have been tied across our souls and freeing us of the torment is eternity. We do not know what happens when we pass. Yet we know that something within us lives on. I am young, and I am a man. How great will that legacy be for you? I dream of mine.Yours Truly,
Spoken Phor

 “Dreams of Eternity” promises to be a cerebral and soulful exploration of the concept of eternity. To get an idea of Patrick’s identity as an artist, listen to (and download) his previous work here.

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