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Good morning, wonderful people of Wesleyan! Nothin quite takes the edge off of a night of debauchery like a Usdan brunch, amirite? For us Wesleying-ers, however, the surest hangover cure is a liveblog. So we thought, why not combine the two? In the vein of Syed and pyrotechnics’ recent excursion into the real world, I’ll be joined today by many of our newest Wesleying personalities (many of whom I’ll have as much trouble identifying in real life as you do), ready for whatever comes of this crazy Sunday morning.

1:14 pm wieb$ wrote:

Well, folks, it looks like that’s the end of it. Thanks for sparing some of your crucial procrastination allotment to join us this Sunday morning.

As a bonus, I’m including some pictures from Justice below:


1:05 pm pyrotechnics wrote:

pyrotechnics — blogging from the other, other side of campus — wishes to congratulate Aron Chilewich ’14, photographed above in the header post, on his 21st birthday. Also, well done to all the livebloggers.

1:04 pm chile wrote:

1:03 pm chile wrote:

How did people blog before computers?

12:59 pm kitkath wrote:

12:50 pm kitkath wrote:

Halfway through my plate and already eager to start working on a second, or even third. You could say my stomach is the equivalent of a black hole.

12:49 pm michelle.lee wrote:

New Usdan recipe? Mike Glasser ’16 suggests a whole wheat bagel/cream cheese/bacon combo. He adds “I’m a weirdo who eats weird things for breakfast.”


12:44 pm kitkath wrote:

Overheard: ”And then we started dancing. Face to face. But I hate dancing face to face. So I turned around, obviously.”

12:43 pm justice wrote:

Omelette line is empty. This is some twilight zone shit.

12:42 pm michelle.lee wrote:

When I entered Usdan, little did I know that I would be both eating a delish brunch AND watching football practice!

Photo courtesy of Justice.

12:42 pm justice wrote:

Overheard: “Crazy night last night. I watched the finale to Season 2 of Breaking Bad.”

12:40 pm chile wrote:

I’m stuck in the Usdan sinkhole.

Can’t. Leave.

12:39 pm wieb$ wrote:

From my internet connection off on the other side of campus, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the new bloggers keepin it rull out thurr.

Holla at chile, Justicemichelle.lee, or kitkath if you run in to them wandering about this blurry haze of a morning.

12:36 pm justice wrote:

The loud side is quiet. Almost empty. Headed back to the food.

12:36 pm chile wrote:

I’m sorry kitkath. The truth is hard.

12:35 pm kitkath wrote:

I am shocked to find out that the yellow-orange-ish colored bagel I’ve been munching on every weekend is not a pumpkin bagel but *gasp* an egg one.

12:34 pm chile wrote:

Freshmen, keep it together. The year is young.

12:34 pm justice wrote:

They ran out of half-and-half for the coffee. Could this morning possibly get any worse?

12:32 pm kitkath wrote:

Brunch is too low-key today which can only mean one thing… people went too hard last night.

12:31 pm chile wrote:

Hannah Goodman ’16 reviewing brunch this morning: “I get the same meal at every brunch, but it’s always delicious. A good way to start off the day after a night at DKE and Beta. I’m tired. So tired.”

12:30 pm justice wrote:

On a recon mission to the left side of Usdan. Wish me luck.

12:29 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Watch out everyone… Michaela Kaye ’16 says “I AM SICKKKKK!” 

12:25 pm wieb$ wrote:

12:24 pm michelle.lee wrote:

They should have fish for bwekfast!!!!! I will take the “local challenge!”

12:23 pm chile wrote:

michelle.lee comin’ atchu loud and clear! 

12:21 pm chile wrote:

Overheard in Usdan: “Last night I got a text from a recruit that said ‘We are going to die!’ What they meant was we are going to DKE! Kinda the same thing, right?”

Well said.

12:21 pm wieb$ wrote:

12:21 pm chile wrote:

James Carter ’14 can eat more yogurt than you and all of your friends combined.

12:17 pm chile wrote:

New live bloggers joining now.

12:15 pm chile wrote:

Anyone have any thoughts on turtlenecks?

12:11 pm chile wrote:

The quiet side is particularly empty today.

12:11 pm chile wrote:

Connor Justice ’16 stops by to say hello.

“So you’re the the Wesleying live bloggers? Now I know who’s watching me.”

11:59 am chile wrote:

Freshman gazing into space for a prolonged period of time. DKE Top 40 last night?

11:58 am wieb$ wrote:

After a lackluster start, the energy of brunch seems to be picking up as people come to terms with the start of the day. I’m off to my other job, but chile will be holding down the fort for us through the indefinite future. Hopefully others will join?

11:51 am wieb$ wrote:

In the end, I went for both cheeses. Despite my initial trepidation, this omelette chef appears to be handling his duties with finesse.

11:48 am wieb$ wrote:

And the order’s in!

11:47 am chile wrote:

Why are there decorative cylinder’s filled with uncooked pasta next to the omelette line?

I’m going to pour it in wieb$’ backpack and cook it for dinner tonight.

11:40 am wieb$ wrote:

Just had a moment of “recollection” with Roxy Capron ’14.

11:39 am wieb$ wrote:

Cheddar jack or feta? That is the question.

11:33 am chile wrote:

Thank God(s) for challah at Usdan. Can I get an amen?

11:31 am wieb$ wrote:

…and my favorite omelette chef isn’t working today. We’re off to an unfortunate start. I will, nonetheless, be spending the foreseeable future waiting for an omelette.

11:28 am wieb$ wrote:

chile and myself have entered Usdan! (photos to follow)

11:18 am wieb$ wrote:

Leaving my house now (finally). The groan of a roommate: “I’m dyingggg.”

11:11 am wieb$ wrote:

Any interest in doing a post about my kitchen, A-Batte?

11:10 am wieb$ wrote:

10:56 am wieb$ wrote:

After listening to my alarm beep incessantly for an hour, I roll out of bed.

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