Giant Gallery of the Giant Plume Giant Show

Friday night was jam-packed with folksy music as four (yes, four) acoustic acts took the stage at Buddhist House. It all began with Miles Orion Butler, a singer-songwriter hailing from the far-off land of Philadelphia, PA. The barefooted Butler played ballads from his EP, Go Lightly, and covers of the Tallest Man on Earth and Dr. Dog.

The Wesleyan band Brushfireconsisting of Mel Hsu ’13 and Jess Best ’14, followed up with their debut performance. Hsu’s upright bass was downright swampy, and the atmosphere got even more southern when an audience member got up and began playing harmonica. Everyone in the house was urged to “get up” and “grind, if you want to” when the band gave us a rendition of  Justin “didn’t-he-used-to-make-music?” Timberlake’s “Rock your Body.”

The third act was Jacquisaurus and the Poppyseeds  Friendship Marathon, made up of Noah Rush ’14, Jackie Soro ’14, and Gabe Greenberg ’14. They rocked the house with a never-ending supply of new instruments. Their music was more uptempo than Brushfire’s and caused some audience members to begin moshing, albeit on a smaller scale than at R. Stevie Moore’s performance at Eclectic last Saturday.

The main act, Plume Giant (Yale graduates Nolan Green, Oliver Hill, and Eliza Bagg), began sharply at the witching hour with songs from their new album CalithumpEnergetic hits like B-Side Baby had the whole room singing along, while their slower paced singles silenced everyone in the room. They played “over sixty shows” this summer, and it sounds like they’re movin’ on up in the music world. This wasn’t Plume Giant’s first show at Wesleyan, and we can only hope that, as they get bigger and bigger, it won’t be their last.

Photos by Rachie Weisberg ’15.

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