Sci Li Would “Chairish” Your Vote: Seating Upgrades

If you’ve ever studied in Sci Li, you’re no doubt familiar with the “club chairs” that line the perimeter of the first floor. I use this term loosely because if you search “club chairs” on Google images, you will find something far fancier and “sit-by-the-fire-worthy” than what you may have pulled too many late-nighters in. The current wood-and-navy models sport a myriad of rips, mystery stains, and seat cushions like black holes.

To the delight of many, the library is now planning to replace the old chairs and is looking for student input to decide which of three options is preferred. For the next few weeks, stop by the entrance of Sci Li and see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the three potential new models for yourself.

Click past the jump for a run-down of the pros and cons of the competing models.

The Competitors

“Swift” (Code 604645)

Pros: Features the best of both worlds: wide arms for setting things on as well as a side desk. Since the side desk can swing, you can push it out of your way and adjust it for typing or writing. Perfect size for a laptop, a textbook, or a large notebook.

Cons: Swinging desk is inconvenient for left-handers (what else is new?) and short people.

“Puzzle” (Code 604646)

Pros: Has the most substantial desk space; multiple textbooks and notebooks will fit on its side-desk. Good back support.

Cons: Do not be fooled by this chair’s visual snazziness alone. If the library were to purchase the Puzzles, they would “have an arm on the other side in addition to the table attached,” and feature a “different fabric design,” which may result in some off-white nonsense. Also, the desk’s low height is a bit irritating to work on.

“Reno” (Code 604647)

Pros: This is your classic snuggly cozy library chair. Very comfortable. While it does not have a side desk, its arms are fairly wide and work well for perching coffee mugs, cell phones, and WesIDs (don’t be tempted to misplace them, freshmen!).

Cons: Perhaps it’s TOO comfortable… you can sink into this thing and never return. How much work will you actually get done if reclining comfortably is so… easy… zzz… Also, noticeable lack of side desk.

If you have an unsatisfied itch to get your voice heard about a campus issue, here’s your chance! Vote for your favorite by texting its corresponding code to “37607,” or enter the code online at this link.

Interested in seeing what your peers are saying so you can be a hipster and vote for the underdog? See a bar graph of the results so far here.

As of the posting of this article, there have been only fifteen votes cast. Yours could make a difference!

Talk back in the comments: If options were unlimited and money were no object, what kind of new seating would you want in Sci Li?

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11 thoughts on “Sci Li Would “Chairish” Your Vote: Seating Upgrades

  1. ?UZZLE

    Puzzle will have a more neutral looking fabric and will also have an arm rest on the left.

    This is important because it obviously makes the chair objectively the greatest out of the three.

  2. Andrew Klein

    Hey, folks, I screwed up and the poll is busted right now. I’m working on fixing it. I’ll let you know.

  3. dnizzle

    I am voting for Chailor Swift and I am going to listen to Taylor Swift while I sit down and read and think about all those other chairs that im never ever ever ever… gonna sit on ever

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