Sukkot = Harvest Fest = Music + Art + Pie + Love

Sydney Hausman-Cohen ’13 knows the math behind Sukkot:

Come celebrate Sukkot with a harvest festival! Bring: instruments (guitars, ukeles, drums, pots and pans…), flashlights, blankets/sleeping bags, any other art supplies, friends (Jewish and non-Jewish welcome!). We will bring: apple pie from Lyman orchards (yay local seasonal food!), guitar and lots of fun/silly music (and our beautiful voices), more sleeping bags, finger paint!

We’ll meet in the Sukkah! Or the Bayit if it rains. We might even sleep there. Who knows.

Date: Wednesday, October 3
Time: 07:22 pm – 10:30 pm
Place: The Sukkah in CFA Courtyard
Cost: Free

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One thought on “Sukkot = Harvest Fest = Music + Art + Pie + Love

  1. Anon

    RAIN CHECK! Meet in the Zelnick Pavilion (next to Mem Chapel), same time, same good things all around. hoooooraaaaaaaaay

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