Right Now: Folk Icon Peter Yarrow On Campus, Will Lead Singalong in Zelnick

No, he didn’t sing “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

It looks like those seats finally filled up for “Music Movements in a Capital Democracy,” the CSPL course being taught by acclaimed folk singer Dar Williams ’89 this semester, and unsurprisingly, it has its perks—namely, more famous folk singers. Ben Doernberg ’13 has been excitedly tweeting at us that folk icon and political activist Peter Yarrow (that’s the “Peter” in Peter, Paul & Mary) visited the class today and led a singalong of “This Little Light of Mine.” Here’s a Soundcloud clip of the singalong:

But there’s more: tweeting frantically from class like the social media journalist madman that he is, Doernberg adds that there’s a community singalong with Yarrow at 3:30 pm (that’s in half an hour) today in the Zelnick Pavilion:

Whoah! This could be almost as weird as that time Amanda Palmer ’98 showed up out of the blue, corralled a bunch of people into the Eclectic Dining Room, and then performed a filthy, largely unprintable bastardization of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” On Twitter, Wesleying’s A-Batte formally requested a performance of this Phil Ochs classic, but Doernberg has provided a Dropbox link to the lyrics sheet, which highlights different classics: “This Little Light of Mine,” “We Shall Overcome,” and “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round,” among others. (Sorry, “Puff the Magic Dragon” fans.)

If you do make it out for this singalong, send your pictures or video to Wesleying at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. We’ll give you credit.

Date: Today!
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: Zelnick Pavilion
Really? We think so.

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