Presidentiapocalypse 2012: Liveblogging the Debate

Hello and welcome to the first liveblog of the first debate of the 2012 Presidentiapocalypse! Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Well, this is awesome! But why is Wesleying doing a liveblog of the presidential debates in the first place?” Good question, insightful reader. Sit down on papa’s lap and I’ll give you an answer.

Wesleying is about all things Wesleyan/college life, right? Right. Some of us here at headquarters were doing some pondering, and we realized: the elections affect students’ lives. And given the reaction to Obama’s victory and 2008 commencement address, Wesleyan students clearly have a part. (Disclaimer: I like Obama.)

We’re here to raise the campus discourse.

We’re here to provide deep political commentary.

We’re here to fucking liveblog the debate.

10:47 pm Zach wrote:

Just had a flashback to watching the ’04 debates with my parents in eighth grade. Remember when Bush said all that crazy shit? That’s why these debates feel so empty, you know? I miss Bush’s poetic eloquence.

10:38 pm Zach wrote:

We’re signing off, guys. Thanks for reading. We might liveblog the next one. Or we might be too busy trying to join the 50%. You know–the other 50%.

10:35 pm Zach wrote:

There’s Michelle. Speaking of Michelle, this is the best Onion editorial I’ve read all century.

10:34 pm Zach wrote:

Wait, it’s pronounced “Lehr-ruh”? That’s probably the only thing I learned tonight.

10:33 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “I will keep America strong and get America’s middle class working again. Thank you, Jim.”

10:32 pm Zach wrote:

“If I’m elected we won’t have Obamacare. We’ll put in place the kind of principles I put in place in my own state.” HEAD ASPLODES.

10:31 pm Ahtu wrote:

Update on the “50% of college graduates this year can’t find work”: Politifact’s twitter account says it’s “Mostly True: can’t find job OR can’t find one requiring degree.”

10:30 pm Zach wrote:

“Four years ago I said that I wouldn’t be a perfect president. That’s probably a promise that Governor Romney thinks I’ve kept.”

10:30 pm Zach wrote:

“We’re closing our deficit in a responsible, balanced way.” Shout-out to “the American people!”

10:27 pm Zach wrote:

“BIN LADEN!!!! HE WENT THERE!!!!” #TextsFromDad

10:27 pm Zach wrote:

Obama: “That’s how we went after Al Qaeda and Bin Laden.” Fist pump.

10:25 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “The day after I get elected, I’ll sit down with Democrat leaders as well as Republican leaders. … We have to work on a collaborative basis.”

10:24 pm Zach wrote:

Romney cares about education for “all of our kids.” Err, is he talking about his and Ann’s kids?

10:24 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Are we skipping war? But that’s the best part..

10:24 pm Ahtu wrote:

Romney: “50% of college graduates this year can’t find work.” *gulp* Please be lying…

10:23 pm michelle.lee wrote:

If the teachers can’t afford their college education or further on with their masters&Ph.D., then we are in serious jeopardizing situation for the future generation. Both candidates talk about how great teachers are, but they overlook the fact that fewer enter profession and more retire or leave jobs because of their financial situation.

10:22 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “You’re entitled to your own house and your own airplane, but not your own facts.” Is that what he just said?

10:22 pm Zach wrote:

Obama finally referenced the “borrow money from your parents to go to college” gaffe.

10:20 pm ecarmi wrote:

“Poor kids, or lower income kids, rather” -Romney

10:20 pm Zach wrote:

More @HIMANSHU Twitter hilarity: “Obama should just repeat evvy thing Romney say in Def Comedy Jam white people voice.”

10:19 pm Zach wrote:

Shout-out to Jim Lehrer for reminding them that they’re supposed to be answering questions and shit.


10:19 pm Zach wrote:

Obama also has to give a shout-out to God now, right? That’s the way it works?

10:18 pm Zach wrote:

“Who let the dogs out woof woof bling bling mr president” –@HIMANSHU via Twitter

10:17 pm Zach wrote:

“God 1. Obama 0.”

10:16 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “The role of government: look behind us. The constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The role of government is to protect the principles of those documents.” Well-rehearsed. Also, “maintain our commitment to religious tolerance and freedom.”

10:16 pm Zach wrote:

Another debate clips from the archives: “There you go again.”

10:15 pm Zach wrote:

“Jim Lehrer: like every substitute teacher who has lost control of the classroom” –Melodious on Twitter

10:15 pm michelle.lee wrote:

“It always feels like Mitt Romney’s smile is boiling with anger underneath”, Arian Dehnow ’16

10:15 pm Zach wrote:

Do Obama’s ears look bigger now than four years ago? Weigh in.

10:14 pm Zach wrote:

Obama: “The government has the capacity to help open up opportunity and create ladders of opportunity… where the American people can succeed.” But he also namedrops “free enterprise” and “freedom.” And Abraham Lincoln. This is quite the patchwork response.

10:13 pm Zach wrote:

Great question. Lehrer gets philosophical. “Do you believe there’s a fundamental difference between how the two of you view the federal government.”

10:12 pm ZeePorn wrote:

Every time the moderator tries to reign in Mitt.

10:11 pm Zach wrote:

Romney’s talking about Reagan! *dies of alcohol poisoning*

10:11 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Earlier in the debate, Obama would stare at Mitt Romney with excitement, but now he’s just staring the audience and Jim with a smirk.

10:11 pm Zach wrote:

Obama: “The choices we’ve made are ones that are ultimately benefiting middle-class families all across the country.”

10:10 pm Zach wrote:

“Is stupidity a preexisting condition?”

10:09 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “The private market and individual responsibility always works best!” Shout-out to whoever gave Romney a library copy of Conscience of a Conservative last week.

10:08 pm Zach wrote:

TenuredRadical (Claire Potter) on Twitter: “One reason to vote for Obama is that if we have to listen to Mitt for four years we will become a far stupider nation”

10:07 pm Zach wrote:

If your live stream is lagging or being generally glitchy, the LA Times’ site is behaving pretty nicely.

10:06 pm Zach wrote:

Listening to the debate on two laptops simultaneously. This is like Zaireeka, except it sucks.

10:06 pm michelle.lee wrote:

more on “I like coal” joke.

10:04 pm justice wrote:

10:04 pm Ahtu wrote:

Internet in Clark sucks. However, we can play the ‘which lag pause face is the funniest?’ game. Thus far, Obama is winning.

10:04 pm justice wrote:

I was doing the debate drinking game, I’d be wasted by now

10:04 pm Zach wrote:

“Bring back Hillary care!” #TextsFromDad

10:03 pm Zach wrote:

“This was a bipartisan idea. In fact, it was  a Republican idea.” What?

10:01 pm Zach wrote:

“I like the way we did it in Massachusetts.” Sounds kinky.

10:01 pm justice wrote:

They’re so smiley

10:00 pm michelle.lee wrote:

5 seconds!!! 5 seconds rule!!

9:59 pm Zach wrote:

“Lo and behold” should be banned from presidential debates and punishable by execution.

9:59 pm justice wrote:

No one talks about the working class

9:59 pm michelle.lee wrote:

I love the little anecdotes from ladies in South Carolina or Las Vegas, and all the other places that both candidates keep bringing up.

9:59 pm Zach wrote:

Oh, word, The Onion.

9:58 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “It has killed jobs!”

9:57 pm Ahtu wrote:

Obama’s tie dimple is off center. Will this affect his ability to attract women (voters)?

9:56 pm justice wrote:

The stream we’re using has tweets on the bottom. Is it just me, or do hashtags always seem sarcastic?

9:56 pm Zach wrote:

Lehrer turns the page to health care.

9:56 pm Zach wrote:

Romney: “It’s been two years! We don’t know what a qualified mortgage is yet!” (Some 26-year-old mortgage broker somewhere is taking a shot right now.)

9:54 pm Ahtu wrote:

News Flash: Mitt wins American flag lapel pin size competition! However, his pin has a black dot on it. We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.

9:54 pm artemiswins wrote:

Just met fellow liveblogger Justice. Yay for liveblogging bringing Wesleyingites together.

9:53 pm artemiswins wrote:

Everyone tweet hilarious and controversial things at #debates #mockthevote #obama #romney. Latest tweet: “the world needs more big bird gifs right now”

9:52 pm ZeePorn wrote:

The stream that PAC is using is displaying random tweets as the debate goes on. The Twitterati seem most concerned with the candidates’ life stories, and Big Bird.

9:52 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Now Jim and Romney are debating about how to debate on presidential debate. Oh lord.

9:50 pm justice wrote:

Jim Lehrer’s getting angry. You wont like him when he’s angry.

9:50 pm michelle.lee wrote:

The more I look at M.Romney, the more I see Donald Trump in him. I mean, I’m only talking about his hair, right?

9:50 pm Zach wrote:

Obama: “Private insurers have to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that. That’s what they do.”

9:49 pm justice wrote:

Big Bird to Romney

9:46 pm Zach wrote:

Shout-out to Obama for making 54- and 55-year-olds feel mad old and shit.

9:46 pm justice wrote:

Maybe it’s just the shitty system we have at PAC, but it looks like Mitt’s been crying this whole time

9:46 pm Zach wrote:

That’s a real creepy smile, Mitt.

9:46 pm Zach wrote:

If you’re not following @ThePresObama on Twitter, now’s a pretty good time to start.

9:45 pm justice wrote:

Trying to liveblog while troubleshooting at WesDems. It is difficult

9:42 pm Zach wrote:

One last historic debate clip. This is a long one, and (I think) the first televised debate.

9:42 pm justice wrote:

Lots of technical problems here at PAC :( Good atmosphere, though…

9:41 pm Zach wrote:

Is anyone watching this at the WesDems/Roosevelt Institute watch party? What’s the scene like?

9:39 pm Zach wrote:

My dad just texted me, “Isn’t Air Force One a corporate jet?”

9:39 pm Zach wrote:

And here’s another classic.

9:39 pm justice wrote:

It keeps lagging. People are leaving. Meh :(

9:38 pm Zach wrote:

This debate’s getting boring, so let’s intersperse this with more exciting clips.

9:38 pm ZeePorn wrote:

Uh…Mitt…I don’t want to tell you how to debate…but cutting off the moderater and then telling him you’d cut subsidies to his network doesn’t seem like the best strategy.

9:35 pm michelle.lee wrote:

“I don’t wanna go down the path of Spain” -Romney. Perdón España.

9:35 pm justice wrote:

Maybe a second term president will do something about corporate welfare. He doesn’t have to worry about reelection, right?

9:34 pm Zach wrote:

Apparently Mitt doesn’t want to go on a vacation to Spain.

9:33 pm Zach wrote:

Pretty sure Romney is referencing “one of those studies..”

9:33 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Wait, why are we STILL talking about taxes? It’s is way over first 15 minutes..

9:30 pm ZeePorn wrote:

If I had a dollar for every time Mitt said “jobs,” I wouldn’t need one.

9:29 pm justice wrote:

I wonder what credit card we used for the wars. Do we have a rewards card?

9:28 pm michelle.lee wrote:

“I like it” -Obama


9:27 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Got any doubts on the economy statistics? Check this out. NYtimes has a few important fact checks.

9:25 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Can we please move on to deficit and other fun stuff?

9:25 pm justice wrote:


9:23 pm justice wrote:

The New York Times blog FiveThirtyEight says that the challenger usually benefits from the first debate. Average boost of 1.5% in the polls after the first debate for each election since 1960 (Not clear on the years actually).I wonder if it will be the same this time.

9:18 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Mitt just got a headshake and an eyeroll from the MC.

9:18 pm Zach wrote:

“There are all these studies out there. But let’s get to the bottom line.” Mitt tells it as it is.

9:17 pm Zach wrote:

Did we forget to link to the presidential debate drinking game? Here’s the link.

9:17 pm justice wrote:


9:15 pm ZeePorn wrote:

Mitt likes coal. How dare you not like coal, Obama? It’s what Santa brought me every year for Christmas. :)

9:15 pm Zach wrote:

Dad texts in: “Mitt’s lapel is larger. Statistics show 98% of the time, the candidate with the bigger pin wins.”

9:14 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Ugh as a Nebraskan, I oppose the XL Pipeline!!!!!

9:14 pm justice wrote:

“I like coal”


Okay, Grinch Romney…

9:12 pm michelle.lee wrote:

no tax cuts, just tax relief -Romney

oh I get it now.

9:11 pm justice wrote:

I wonder if Jim Lehrer will need to deal with Voter ID laws.

9:11 pm Zach wrote:

It took eleven minutes, but my dad finally started live-texting me his commentary. That warrants a drink.

9:11 pm justice wrote:

Surprised to hear applause for Obama at such a conservative school as Wesleyan.

9:10 pm michelle.lee wrote:

“let’s keep tuition low for young student” -Obama,


holla back

9:10 pm justice wrote:

I like the background wallpaper. Very American. That’s the way I like it.

9:09 pm Zach wrote:

Shout-out to Jim Lehrer for not letting that bizarre “trickle down” quip fly.

9:07 pm michelle.lee wrote:

Mitt is such a jokester ;)

9:07 pm arthurdent wrote:

The official State song of Colorado was written by John Denver ’67. The song references marijuana usage, campfires and Rocky Mountains. Obama has admitted to smoking marijuana. Will this give him home field advantage?

9:07 pm michelle.lee wrote:

WHOOOOH we can hear Obama now!!

9:06 pm Zach wrote:

Just heard “small businesses” and “middle class” in the same breath. I’m taking a sip.

9:06 pm Zach wrote:

“The auto industry has come roaring back.” Thanks, Barack. Did your Secretary of Domestic Metaphors pitch that one?

8:47 pm Samira wrote:

Links from Buzzfeed: If you want to mentally pre-game the debate and/or if you want to pre-game pre-game the debate. Thanks, Buzzfeed.

8:42 pm Samira wrote:

Cool, the NYTimes is liveblogging this too.

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