View with a Room: The Psychedelic Fortress of Butt A

Wesleying’s View with a Room series kicks off this semester with Eric Lonergan ’15, who’s managed to craft what is probably the most psychedelic Butts single ever—at least since Nat Leich ’12 tin-foiled the walls of his Butt C single to make it look more like a spaceship. Lonergan’s room might be even better. Complete with a mind-expanding ensemble of psychedelic imagery, some sort of lava lamp, the unmissable Houses of the Holy album cover, and a Dark Side of the Moon-emblazoned instrument case, it mostly makes me want to don my dad’s leather vest and go to an Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert. Here’s Lonergan’s explanation:

I like to keep my environment as psychedelic as possible. All the colors and patterns merging into each other help me maintain my awareness of how everything is and always will be interconnected. I live in Butt A 243.

[nggallery id=190]

Right on. The university already renovated the musty-as-fuck East College Butterfield Dorms once this semester, but Lonergan has gone further. To my eyes, it’s a pretty righteous effort.

For more epic student rooms on campus, check out past View with a Room installments. I recommend Lo Rise A5. To submit your own room, send us a few pics and a brief explanation at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. For approximately seventy seconds of quality procrastination, check out the tags on A-Batte’s recent call for submissions.

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  2. Anonymous

    think this kid has actually been on an iowaska journey or does he think that that poster is just cool looking. probably the latter

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