Want To Write About Noms? Join WesStuffed

WesStuffed, the new student-run food blog we posted about last month, is continuing in full force, blogging about everything from Ford News Diner (pictured above) to the Usdan Salad Bar. Want to get involved? Ariana Rudess ’15 has the answer for you:

Calling all food whores:

Are you constantly coming up with recipes, bragging about your latest salad creation at Usdan, or critiquing the service at restaurants?  Does becoming BFF’s with Middletown restaurant owners and getting tons of delicious, free food sound like fun to you? You’re in luck. The WesStuffed food blog is looking for guest contributors! If you’re interested in editing, designing, or writing something remotely related to food at or around Wes, shoot us an email at WesStuffed(at)gmail(dot)com. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Contact: WesStuffed(at)gmail
Deadline: Whenever

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