BandCampWes: IGBEE drops his SYZYGY EP

Brewster Lee ’13, formerly known as the DJ Paradise Stomp (maybe ya caught him at Titanium a few times, eh?), has just put out his first release under his new IGBEE moniker. Flying under the hashtags #SPACEFRILLS and #NEONLOVE, the EP is connected with the Truth and Not Knowing Collective, which features other artists such as Chaz VanQueen, Obey City, Miss Vanilla, and Bastille (one half of which is Michael Ullman ’12).

The SYZYGY EP, pronounced “SIZ-AH-JEE” according to the BandCamp page, has three tracks. I’ll let the man himself introduce them to you because he did make them, after all:

The first track (Stereo Bliss) is from last year and is the song featured in this video. The second track (B SLIQ) is made up entirely (minus the 808 Kick Drum) of  natural “field recorded” noises in the Middletown area (MIDDLETOWN? COOL!). The third is a remix of an already beautiful song by the legendary Regina Belle.

There you have it, folks. I just gave this thing a listen while doing some work, which is something YOU too could do! Or bang it while you hang out with your chill friends and do chill things. Or even with your not so chill friends and it’ll be a cool vibe! For serious, it’s nice. Stream/download it out below or here. Also check out the video for “Stereo Bliss” after the jump.

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