Free Stuff for Intro Language Students

Just call Sam Melvin ’13 Barack Obama, because she wants to give you mad free stuff:

Are you learning a new language this semester? Do you like puzzles and/or brains? Do you want to win some cash?

Four people will win $50 by participating in a research study in the next two weeks! Sam Melvin ’13 is researching the effects of learning languages on visual and spatial cognition for her senior thesis. The study is made up of three short (15-20 minute) sessions that take place throughout the year, and which consist of four quick and fun brainteasers. If you are in your first semester of a brand new language, sign up here.

Date: October 6 – October 19
Time: Any time between 9 am and 8 pm
Place: Judd Hall Room 410 (The “Blue” Cognitive Development Lab: on the 4th floor take a left out of the elevator and come into the room with the light blue walls)

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